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We are a Company of Development of Videogames and 3D Digital Animation, from the South of Chile for the World.

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Here is a list of things we can do for you


We create games for Advertising, we advergs advergames for advertising brands and promotion of products, we publish on Facebook, Android, Web, PC and Mac.

3D Animation & 2D Animation

We create the best 3D Animations and 2D Animations for your Video Game project, for your brand or product. We animate cycles, rigging, setup in Maya and Unity3D.

Serious Games

We design and develop serious video games for training, induction for different industries such as Engineering, training, education, health and more.
We bring the Gamification to all industries.

Instant Games

We design and develop videogames for this new Facebook platform.

Mobile Videogames

We design and develop mobile video games for an audience that is looking for entertainment in casual video games for Android and iOS.

Innovative Games

In our video games there is experimentation and new technologies where we make games for fairs, museums, btl marketing, action games, etc.

Cinematics & Spots

We create attractive Cinematics and Spots for your Game or Product or Brand, We make them with the best techniques of animation 3D and 2D. We do them with passion and a lot of experience.

Work For Hire

We work Designing and Developing your Videogame, everything you have in mind we bring to reality. We can help you with your project 🙂

Virtual Reality and AR

We create unique and immersive experiences in Virtual Reality and augmented reality, our 3D experience gives us a high value.

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Concepción, South America, Chile.

+ 56 9 8816 2892